Our Friends

1455873863259Award winning comedy from ‘not technically a comedy’ podcast Wikishuffle, hosted by Jack, Chris & Phil from their Kettering HQ.


One of the most prolific film podcasts on the web, Failed Critics is hosted by Owen & Steve and brings you weekly new film chat with a variety of guests – including some of us now and again!


A podcast network ran by Chris Byrne, featuring The Cinematronix Podcast, Action Junkies and (currently) Bond-centric Do You Expect Us to Talk.

A community for thriving and striving filmmakers, Filmback and its podcast was launched by Claire & Cory as a hub for aspiring creatives.


A dedicated TV website, avid watcher Matthew Latham posts news, reviews, features and podcasts about the television landscape in The Bottle Episode.

icon-moviemattersCurated by Lee & Michael, two versatile and educated film critics, the Movie Matters Podcast is dedicated largely to enduring cult cinema.


One of the premier video gaming podcast hubs in the UK, the Retro Asylum focuses on the coolest older games we all grew up playing as kids.

The-Pubcast-Super-Pubcast-Bros-mp3-imageThe premier hub for all things geek in the Republic of Ireland, the Irish Pubcast–co-hosted by our friend Wayne–talks everything nerdy… from the pub!

projection_booth_headHeaded by our friend Mike, The Projection Booth examines all kinds of cult & niche cinema, alongside interviews with the stars of such films.

cropped-silverscreeningsSilver Screenings is a blog, curated by Ruth, which specifically focuses on classic films which may have been forgotten in the modern age.


A challenge by our friend Jane, 500 Days of Film is literally that: one woman watching 500 films in as many days. Follow her progress!

cropped-11295863_1590227941233945_3690127635599393009_nRan by Andy & Sean, Cultural Mirrors on a bi-weekly basis looks at the pop culture going on in film & TV with a sharp eye.

smallvillebgCreated by Zach, Always Hold On to Smallville is–much like our own The X-Cast with The X-Files–looking at every episode of Superman TV series Smallville from beginning to end.

spcpcolourlogo640x388Hosted by Stacey, her Pop Culture Parlour takes a regular, irreverent Brummy shimmy at all things geek and nerd.


Cinematic Dramatic sees Les & Iain semi-regularly cast their film-loving eye on the trends, genres and franchises of modern and classic cinema.


Hosted by Paul & Brian, the Blokebusters podcast (great pun!) takes a look at all areas of modern cinema with a relaxed, casual eye.